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Violent games are gateway to gateway drugs, study claims


According to a study conducted by University of California's Dr. Sonya Brady and University of Pittsburgh professor, Karen Matthews, men that have just played violent video games (e.g. Grand Theft Auto III) are more likely to smoke marijuana and drink alcohol. While violent games have often been accused of influencing violent behavior, Dr. Brady says, "this study suggests [that violent games] might increase any type of risk-taking behavior."

The study focused on male undergrads aged 18 to 21. Participants were asked to play either GTA III or The Simpsons: Hit and Run. Researchers also found that playing GTA III led to increased blood pressure and decreased cooperation when attempting to complete group tasks. Decreased cooperation? C'mon, whada you expect when we're all just stoned and drunk. Sheesh, cut us a break next time!

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