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JVC XA-F57, XA-F107 flash audio players

Marc Perton

JVC is making another effort to stake out some turf in the digital audio player market with two new flash models, the 512MB XA-F57 and 1GB XA-F107 (which are, basically, US versions of the Alneo models the company showed in Japan a few months back). Both models support MP3, WMA and PlaysForSure, and also include a line-in for direct encoding. They also include everyone's favorite feature du jour, a lanyard with an integrated headphones (of course, that could get in the way if you don't want to wear the player around your neck, but then if that's the case, you're probably not JVC's kind of customer). The players also have a mono LCD display, come in pink, silver, white and black, and support mass-storage mode for non-DRM'd files. The F57 is expected to sell for $99, and the F107 should go for about $149.

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