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Nokia 8800 Aston Martin Edition: only $1400


When a mobile phone is on its last legs there are still a few things you can do -- bring out a pink or gold version, slap on some jewels, or align yourself with an automobile line that most closely aligns with your target consumer. Enter the Nokia 8800 Ford Aston Martin Edition which as these things go, will be produced in a "strictly limited" quantity likely equalling the number of people willing to actually purchase one. So what do you get beyond what the 8800 fashion phone already dishes? Well, how about a discrete Aston Martin winged logo laser-etched on the stainless steel casing and an Aston Martin video, wallpaper, and screensaver all pre-loaded at the factory. Oh, and if that's not enough to convince you to dig deep for the £800 excluding VAT (more than $1400) required to get your man on, then how 'bout some custom ringtones which include samples of that roaring 380 horsepower Vantage V8. Vroom, vroom big daddy, vroom, vroom.

[Via Gizmag]

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