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Silent Hill scribe is a gaming geek

FiringSquad has an interview with Roger Avary, the Academy Award winning screenwriter of Pulp Fiction and the upcoming Silent Hill movie. Like his friend Christophe Gans, the film's director, Avary is a gaming nerd. How nerdy? This nerdy: "I collect and restore vintage Atari XY monitor games like Lunar Lander and Battlezone -- only vector, only Atari."

He talks about the collaboration with Gans, his respect for the source material, his similarities with Uwe Boll (they both like hookers and blow!), and his future gaming/movie plans. "I'm currently adapting a game into a script for myself to direct. I'm not talking about it yet, but it's for Atari -- so you can imagine that it's like a dream for me." What a nerd!

Sounds like Sony got themselves a perfect team. This guy is so awesome!

[Thanks, John]

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