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Ask Engadget: that's just NASty

Ryan Block, @ryan

It's Thursday night, kids, which means it's time for another round of Ask Engadget. Before we get going, if you'd like to ask Engadget something yourself, hit us up at ask at engadget dawt com, and we'll take it to the court of public opinion. Anyhow, last time Brian C wanted to know how to best RF shield his WiFi; this week we got a short n' sweet one for ya, so consider yourself asked by Serge:

I'm looking for a NAS solution and was hoping you could make suggestions. I'm looking for something with gigabit Ethernet, Apache / PHP / MySQL, media serving and a RAID configuration.

Kinda sounds more like Serge wants himself a web-hosting solution in a box, but take out the LAMP configuration and you've got a ton of options. Too many, in fact, the market's positively saturated with home NAS and media storage solutions (most, it seems, with RAID). Got any favorites?

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