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Skype now available for Palm OS... via EQO


Well, well, welcome to 2004 Palm OS users with the announcement that EQO's Mobile for Skype client now supports Treo 600 and Treo 650 devices. Sorry, this isn’t a full-featured Skype client (not that we expected one, ever) loooong available for PocketPC devices. Rather, EQO is now providing a beta J2ME client for your Palm OS device which must run along-side a PC plugin (yes, your PC must be running and connected to Skype for this to work) all linking up with EQO’s service to bridge the whole shebang and provide users the ability to make and receive Skype calls, send IMs, and view their Skype buddies' on-line status. Hey, no one said it would be easy... but judging by feedback in the EQO community forum, it seems to work.

[Via Palm Infocenter]

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