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Wall o' 30-inchers

Ryan Block, @ryan

We rarely take the time to highlight someone's rig -- and when we do, it's usually not their rig, per se, but their heads. Well, step aside, oh masterful 24 display Virginia Tech workstation, you're old news with your 31,457,280 pixel array of twenty four 1280 x 1024 displays. No, the new crown goes to a man known only to us as Crazy Jon (trust us, that's no misnomer). Dude cobbled six NVIDIA GeForce 7900 GTX 512MB video cards and three 1,000-watt power supplies to take on a wall o' what appears to be Dell 30-inch 3007WFPs. Twelve, to be exact. By our math that's 49,152,000 pixels -- and about $26,400 just for the displays alone. Oh, and did we mention that Crazy Jon already had five Apple 30-inchers on his desk? We love you, Jon. Seriously though, can we come over sometime?

[Via Make]

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