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Asus shows specs, price for Lamborghini VX1 "supernote"


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Sure, Asus might not be neglecting the sexy on their new VX1 Lamborghini laptop that we saw back at CES, but they've seemed to overlook some serious price and specs considerations for the unit. The biggest blow is the lack of a Core Duo processor, with Asus instead opting for a 2GHz T2500 Intel chip. Otherwise the laptop is fairly solid, with 1GB of DDR2 SDRAM, a 120GB HDD, dual-layer DVD±R/RW burning, and a Nvidia GeForce Go 7400 GPU with 256MB of memory. The 15-inch display is even has a decent resolution at 1400 x 1050. Unfortunately, you'll be paying a good price for that Lamborghini logo, since the computer is currently ringing up at €2700 ($3267 USD). The VX1 is set to ship at the end of April and should be available through the usual Asus channels along with Lamborghini's online and retail outlets.

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