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B&O's BeoLink Wireless 1

Ryan Block, @ryan

They announced it a full ten days ago with exactly zero fanfare, but we're just today getting word about Bang & Olufsen's BeoLink Wireless 1 system, their take on a wireless distributed home audio solution. You'd think that the receivers themselves might have integrated speakers (just look at that picture), but no, you've got to plug them into the wall, and then into a pair of speakers in the room you're transporting your audio to. They use a proprietary 2.4GHs DSSS wireless transport for the audio, and can support up to 21 rooms with three BeoLink transmitters. No word on price or launch time frame, but it's B&O, so it'll cost ya. [Warning: PDF link!]

[Via Sybarites, thanks Stevie J]

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