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Google's Da Vinci Code puzzle quest launching soon

Jennie Lees

We've already seen the Da Vinci Code spun into a video game and a mobile game; starting tomorrow, it will also become an online puzzle trail, an Alternate Reality Game-style code quest run by Google and accessible from your Google homepage. This movie tie-in game fits with the book's themes of brain-bending puzzles, and it should hopefully be an enjoyable ride, with puzzles being issued daily until May 10 -- coincidentally, the start of E3 -- and a prize draw for those who answer all 24 puzzles correctly.

There's something of a discrepancy in prizes, thanks to regional sponsors -- the US grand prize winner will be flown on a first class trip to England, Rome and Paris with three guests, bagging over $120,000 of goodies along the way, whereas the top UK winners get a trip to Paris on the Eurostar. It's an interesting move to add this kind of daily ARG-style play into a personalised homepage service such as Google provides; people using the service already will find it easy to play the game, whereas those who haven't tried the service have a new incentive to do so.

[Via ARGN]

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