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Got 1080p? Do you even need it?

Ben Drawbaugh

1080p is all the rage these days, we even talked about it on our Podcast, as we discussed is 1080p really an advantage for Blu-Ray over HD-DVD or is it just a marketing trick to sell more units? Is 1080p simply another marketing term that entices people to buy TVs? There is no doubt that true 1080p has it advantages over 1080i and 720p, but the problem right now is that most TVs that claim to be 1080p are really not true 1080p, they use tricks like wobulation and de-interlacing such as bob rather than weave which effectively throws away half the lines of resolution.

Dave Zatz doesn't seem to think any of it makes a difference and plans to stick with his 480p TV. Personally I think he has missed the boat, but not because of the 480p, but because he only has a 30" TV. The best part about HD is that now we can have large TVs that still look great because of 1080p. I do agree with him on one point, I am going to wait to buy my first 1080p TV untill I can buy one without wobulation, accepts 1080p as an input and only uses weave as a de-interlacing technique.

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