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The one and only MTV show that needs to be HD

Matt Burns

You need to no something before you read anymore: I have never seen MTVs new high-def station,  MHD. Truthfully, I have no desire to. MTV used to be a great station, but two things happened. One, the station started moving away from its roots and became a cultural station instead of a music station. And two, I grew up. There is still one show that I love to watch though and that is Cribs.

I don't know what exactly I like about the show. But I think it has something to do with the program giving us a glimpse on how the other half lives. Sometimes it is funny to count how many cheap plasmas the rappers have but yet they are so proud of their flat screens. Side note: most impressive HDTV was Brad and Jens 40-inch Sony XBR sunk in the wall of their kitchen.

This type show is just meant for high-def. Imagine seeing everything from Nelly's fish to Hugh's little bunny's, all in beautiful HDTV.

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