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Samsung SGH-E870 fashionphone to come in a rainbow of colors

Evan Blass

Besides the "white silver" outfit we saw it displaying for a "review" a few months back, Samsung's SGH-E870 tri-band GSM/EDGE fashionphone will also be available in five other exciting shades, which for simplicity's sake, we'll call silver, blue, pink, gold, and red. As you may or may not recall (because, well, this phone isn't all that memorable), the E870 is multimedia-centric clamshell featuring a 1.3 megapixel cam, 80MB of storage plus microSD to store tunes and vids, and Bluetooth for handsfree action (although there's no mention of A2DP). Even better, this new set of pics answers our previous question about whether the outside of the flip sports those handy dedicated music controls -- it doesn't.

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