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Look Ma, no iPod; stream iTunes to the PSP

If watching TV on your PSP got your brain thinking of other uses for the thing, you should know it is possible to stream your (Windows-based) iTunes library to your PSP. Using a custom Windows-executable, some basic networking skills, and a PSP with 2.6 installed, you can subscribe to an iTunes playlist as an RSS feed on the PSP, expanding your library considerably, while killing your battery before you begin to appreciate most of it.

This hack is of dubious value unless you're one of the hordes of people clamoring for a wireless music streaming to listen to your songs--stored comfortably on the computer in your house--on your PSP near the house.  That is, unless you access your iTunes library externally from the internet which, of course, is fraught with security considerations. That is seriously cool, but beware 1337 h4x0rs.

[Via MAKE: Blog]

Update: Corrected my decidedly un-1337 spelling of 1337.

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