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New customizable faceplate kit now available

Adams Briscoe

Thanks to the wonderboys at Nyko, gamers can now deck out their Xbox 360s with a custom design published straight from their home printer. Using Nyko's new GameFace 360 kit and their "easy-to-use" software (Mac supported), creative deviants can design and print their own faceplates.

The whole thing costs about $20 and is pretty ingenious. It uses two snap-together plates (a base and front) and all users have to do is download the software, design something spiffy, and print it out. By placing the design between the transparent top and the lower base, gamers have created their very own custom faceplate! The kit comes with 15 blank templates and promises "high quality construction, designed for easy installation and removal."

This opens the door for thousands of creative possibilities. Think you have the skills to whip up a killer composition? If any readers out there would like to give this a try and shoot us a pic of how your own design looks, feel free let us know!

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