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NVIDIA brings you "Extreme HD" gaming


Because HD just wasn't HD enough, now it's extreme. As I was sitting back eating my HD cereal, listening to my HD radio, preparing for an HD videoconference with a doctor looking at my HD MRI  and I was thinking man, how can I get more HD in my life? Luckily NVIDIA has answered my unspoken call for more.

Their GeForce Go 7900 series enables gaming at not-quite exactly-1080p resolutions of 1920x1200, along with their PureVideo hardware acceleration. I began to question how worthwhile all that is given the size of a typical laptop screen, although the fact you're generally sitting so close may cause the need for higher resolutions.

That's well and great, however (I can't believe I'm saying this) can we get a little less HD? At least according to Ben's definition, NVIDIA is using the term appropriately, but still, everything that is newer and better does not need to be HD (except for HD Beat and HDTVs of course). Find your own term marketers.

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