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Sony sets up its E-Distribution Initiative

Adams Briscoe

We've only heard about this type of thing a million other times, but now Sony is calling all developers in a bold move to scope out potential products that could be digitally distributed via their new online platform in the future. Their "EDI," or E-Distribution Initiative, aims to give companies a chance to submit their contact information to Sony for a chance to foster a partnership.

What kind of partnership, you ask? From the site: "Partnerships resulting from EDI will allow the developers' downloadable games to be published for individual purchase or subscription over SCE's direct distribution methods." So the first thing that's going to jump out at you is the PS3's online strategy. This open system could be incredibly innovative for smaller independent developers that may even be able to use this EDI to get their games out there. It would be an incredible feature to have access to hundreds of independent games.

Of course, this could also be a really great way to recruit some talent for the PSP as well (everyone knows it needs it!).

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