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DS Lite and Brain Age not playing well together


No doubt you're too occupied with charting your brain's age and calculating simple arithmetic with the quickness of a Chuck Norris roundhouse kick to read this post. That's OK, we'll forgive you and just post this blog here for when you encounter this most horrible issue while playing on your newly-acquired DS Lite. Seems the device doesn't recognize the word blue, a word that is so critical to success in the "game." Reader Sean even went so far as to knock upon the doors of Nintendo, demanding an answer to this most heinous issue. The response he received was:

Hi Sean,

Thanks for your e-mail.  We appreciate your comments.  The problem that you are describing is very likely because the Nintendo DS Lite is not designed for use in North America.  That means that we have not tested it for use here.  I will be sure to forward your e-mail along for further review, just in case.

So far, the redesigned Nintendo DS has only been released in Japan.  Look for any further announcements on this product by checking  the news section of our website at the following address:

Keep checking our website at for the latest on Nintendo games, systems, and promotions.  And, while on our site, also check out the My Nintendo program.  With this program, not only can you check on the status of a
subscription, part order or repair order, but you can also register your games and systems, and participate in the Nintendo Forums.

Nintendo of America Inc.
Lauren Taylor

The funny thing is, the "game" can hardly recognize when I say blue either, and that's on an original phat DS. Maybe it's my rough Philly accent, which makes me say "wooter" instead of "water."

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