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Pioneer's PDP-5000EX is back, brings along PDP-507HX and PDP-427HX

Ryan Block, @ryan

Pioneers back again re-re-announcing their PDP-5000EX, that "tiny" full 1080p 50-incher, this time with a price tag ¥1,050,000 (just shy of $9,000 US) and that same June launch, though we are very heartened by the machine translated phrase: "worldwide beginning." They also threw out a couple of slightly less impressive but slightly more affordable displays, the ¥600,000 ($5100 US) 50-inch PDP-507HX, and ¥480,000 ($4100 US) 42-inch PDP-427HX. They feature 1,365 x 768 and 1,024 x 768 panels respectively, and dual digital tuners, dual HDMI, three composite, VGA, and Ethernet (among other, more Japanese inputs). No word when or if they'll jump the pond, or how much tariffs will bloat up that price, but we know you're waiting for the big hundie-three, ain'tcha?

[Via Impress]

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