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ASIA--or--Another Stupid Inquirer Article

Damien Barrett

Now, this is just stupid. Here's an inquirer article that suggests Apple doesn't want Windows running side-by-side with Mac OS X because then people would see that "Mac OS X is slower than Windows."  What's their proof? They installed Mac OS X and Windows on the same Intel machine then ran World of Warcraft while booted into each OS and compared framerates. The Windows version scored better. C.K. showed us this a week or so ago. exactly is this a speed comparison between Mac OSX  and Windows? It's actually a speed comparison between World of Warcraft for Windows and World of Warcraft for Mac OS X. WoW is not a benchmarking tool.

Everyone knows games are better on Windows, including us Mac Heads. But I guess the foobs at the Inquirer couldn't pass up a chance to snipe at Apple and Mac OS X.

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