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MSFT promises more HD-DVD info at E3

In an interview with Germany's Spiegel Online, Microsoft's executive in charge of the European market for the company's Xbox gaming consoles, Chris Lewis, talks about the Xbox 360, HD-DVD and, of course, Blu-ray.

When asked about the anticipated HD-DVD player add-on, Lewis says, "We'll say a little bit more about it at E3. It will give people access to HD DVD." When asked about the console's omission of HDMI, and its possible inclusion in whatever form the add-on takes, he said, "All I can say to you is -- there are interesting developments in the pipeline. We will make sure that the HD-DVD-peripheral device will meet all the requirements for consumers to enjoy high-definition DVD playback."

What does he think if Sony's competing Blu-ray format? "Blu-ray right now reminds us of another technology from Sony: Betamax." Oh schnap! Sony does have a long list of failed proprietary formats, not the least of which is the currently floundering UMD format used in the PSP. Will consumers pony up for HD movie capabilities in their console, or is it really all about choice?

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