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Free Day Credit for Select EU Realms


Players on several EU realms are receiving a day's credit to their accounts for an emergency shutdown (caused by a power outage) on the 12th of April.  The affected realms included Ahn'Qiraj , Bronzebeard, Chromaggus, Dentarg, Drak'thul, Emeriss, Executus, Hakkar, Khadgar, Kul Tiras, Mazrigos, Moonglade, Scarshield Legion, Steamwheedle Cartel, Talnivarr, Trollbane, Vek'nilash, and Xavius.  Also, Burning Legion and Warsong realms have recently experienced multiple crashes and restarts due to technical issues.  As a result, Burning Legion and Warsong players will also be getting an extra day credited to their accounts.

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