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Indiana Jones to raise bar for next-gen


LucasArts is poised to set the standard for 'next-generation' animation in a new Indiana Jones adventure planned for release in 2007. The game will utilize NaturalMotion's new run-time animation technology called euphoria. Euphoria's goal is to replicate real-world physics. The days of pre-programmed animation are over. NaturalMotion's technology uses factors like strength, weight, and momentum to create accurate animations in real-time.

For euphoria to succeed, it must be coupled with solid AI scripts, in this case, programmed by LucasArts. Instead of a rag doll physics engine kicking in (and the AI turning off) when a character "dies" , euphoria works with AI scripts to produce unique physical reactions to in-game occurrences while that character is "alive." IGN recently got a peek at several tech demos of the game, reporting that this new technology demonstrates the "potential for a new kind of gaming experience." We want it now!

[Note: image is from NaturalMotion's demo, not Indiana Jones game.]

[Via The Indy]

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