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Microsoft after Sony's family friendly image

Jennie Lees

C|Net Australia recently talked to Microsoft's Shane Kim, and after some careful reading between the lines, they've come to the conclusion that Microsoft's after a piece of Sony's pie. No real surprise there, then, but this is in the arena of family-friendly gaming and innovation through peripherals, something Sony has managed to capture for the PS2.

Broadening the 360's audience is a priority for Microsoft, with Kim describing Viva Pinata as "the most important title" Microsoft Game Studios have lined up this year. However, with PS2 gamers already familiar with the range of party titles and peripherals, the PS3 has an advantage to casual gamers or families who aren't entranced by the next-gen nature of it all. Between the Xbox Live Arcade and the media functionality, the 360 has some strong features that will back up this family-oriented approach, but pitting the 360 head-to-head against the PS2 as a family machine may be a losing battle.

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