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Panasonic's Blu-ray burner - LF-MB121JD

Matt Burns

Panasonic chose what camp they were going to be in early on so they have a huge head start. From the looks of things, Panasonic has a Blu-Ray burner coming real soon, the LF-MB121JD. This drive, yes it is a computer drive and not a set-top player, can read and write on the BD-R and BD-RE media at a whopping 2X (72Mps). Oh, and it also supports BD-ROM too along with normal DVD±R and normal CDs.

The blank media is available in 25 and 50 gig formats. Judging by the cost of TDKs blank discs, it would be a lot cheaper just to buy a huge hard drive, but that's just me The drive itself is going to be available on June 10th for $850.

UPDATE: Akihabara News has a high-def clip of this drive you might want to check out. It is not of it in action still it is in high definition.

[via NewLaunches]
[via Akihabara News]

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