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Nokia to release N73 and more in Berlin next week?


We can't say Reuters hasn't ever been on the wrong end of a rumor before, but they do add a bit more legitimacy than some anonymous forum poster that talks in leetspeak. The dirt is that Nokia is all set to release that recently leaked N73 smartphone, along with a few other "multimedia phones" (N93 anyone?) to sweeten the deal. It's all supposed to go down next week in Berlin, according to "sources close to the company." April 25th seems to be the target, but the buzz doesn't sound good for the phones size-wise, which are reportedly moving towards more "realistic" sizes, but aren't going for broke in the slim arena, which Nokia seems to see as a bit of a fad. Sure, the RAZR might've sold a few units, but Nokia has managed to keep their margins up, and the N70 of theirs managed to pull down 10 percent of the 3G market all by its lonesome.

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