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FCC ponders allowing debt collectors to auto-dial mobiles


There was quite a bit of rejoicing at the FCC's decision in 2003 to limit telemarketers and debt collectors in their auto-dialing methods of contacting mobile users. Now there's a chance that decision could be reversed, at least for debt collectors who are currently petitioning the FCC through their trade association ACA International. Debt collectors are arguing that they were unfairly lumped in with telemarketers in the auto-dialing ban, since all of their numbers are collected through legitimate means. The National Consumer Law Center argues that it's unfair to mobile users to have to pay for peak usage minutes to receive calls from debt collectors, and that giving an agency your mobile number doesn't necessarily mean you wish to be contacted. The FCC has agreed to review ACA International's request, and is currently seeking public comments on the subject. We're thinking about going dark for a bit, after which we'll reemerge from Switzerland with a new face, a new SSN and, of course, a new mobile phone number.


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