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Redesigned PowerJolt iPod car charger with free iFill LE

Jan Kabili

Griffin Technology makes a whole slew of useful iPod accessories. The company's latest offering is a redesigned iPod PowerJolt auto charger and power adapter. The device plugs into your car's cigarette lighter and charges your iPod while you're listening to music or while the iPod is on standby. Griffin's new product announcement says the PowerJolt has been "redesigned for ease of use,"  and has a "stylish black industrial design."

Griffin is packaging the new PowerJolt with a free LE version of iFill software. iFill delivers content from Internet radio stations directly to your iPod without cluttering up your hard drive. The PowerJolt also comes with a detachable USB Dock Connector cable for charging and syncing your iPod with your computer, and a USB to mini-USB cable for use with the Griffin iTrip or iTrip nano. The PowerJolt lists for $19.99.

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