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New Super Mario power-up preview


A video of some of the new power-ups featured in New Super Mario Bros. has been posted on the official website — additional videos will be posted on 5/1, 5/8, and 5/15. The current video features the exciting new Mega Mushroom power-up (pictured) and its counterpart, the Mini Mushroom. The new blue Koopa shell also makes an appearance, transforming the plumber into Shell Mario, as seen in the underwater scene. And of course, what preview would be complete with a Fire Mario sighting?

The video also gives us a look at some of Mario's moves, including the ground pound (or 'butt bounce'), double jump, and wall jumping ability. We may have picked up on Infendo's skepticism a few weeks ago, but this new footage had us on that nostalagia tip, hard. You know, all warm and gooey inside. New Super Mario Bros. is set to drop on May 15.

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