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The (in)famous 1080p truth pt. 2


Do we have to go into this again? I've got to question this piece on The Inquirer that compounds the confusion of the article cited. They're telling people that their CRT TV is going to throw away half the information on 1080i Blu-ray and HD-DVDs giving you a 540p image, and that a 1080p set is really only going to give you 540p, which is not necessarily an accurate description.

One way of getting your information correct is to go straight to the source like HDTV UK did recently. They have an excellent writeup getting information on 1080p from the manufacturers themselves.

The original author has written a new post clarifying a few things. While I'm still puzzled by repeated references to CRTs method of displaying 1080i in relation to why a 1080p television using totally different technology won't be 1080p; it seems we agree on one thing: "I’m not against anyone buying a 1080p HDTV — I just want that person to be a smart shopper and ask plenty of questions to see how the content is actually mastered and delivered to the HDTV."

If you're still wondering what all the hubbub is and if it affects your buying decision, don't take my word for it (© The Reading Rainbow). Check out the further information links and comments on our other post and educate yourself, then take a look to to see if you notice a worthwhile difference in 1080p.

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