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2007WFP experiencing severe banding on gradients?

Ryan Block, @ryan

It's difficult at this point to tell precisely how many people are experiencing the issue due to the intense echo chamber that are internet forums, but a number of Dell customers have begun complaining about severe color banding issues on their new 2007WFP. The banding, as mocked up above using a screen shot of the issue, apparently makes normal color gradients impossible, kind of like knocking your monitor back down to 256 colors after all these years. There a number of Anandtech (1, 2, 3) and Dell forums (linked below) threads on the topic; one user blamed the LG panel, as the issue has seemingly cropped up in some shipments of the L2000c, their 20-inch widescreen presumably based on the same panel, while others are claiming it's the DVI input. Anyone here seen this issue themselves, care to share your experiences?

[Thanks, Ciber]

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