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Add-On For Leaving Player Feedback

Mike D'Anna

You know the feedback system on eBay? Where you can leave a scathing comment if the guy in Timbuktu who just sold you that life-size cut-out of Billy Dee Williams turns out to be a scam artist, and just sends you a 1/2 scale Billy Dee Williams instead? Well, a WoW player has apparently taken it upon himself to create just such a system as a UI add-on, so you can leave nasty feedback for that Human Warrior who bailed out on your group in the middle of Molten Core.

The system is still in development, but I see a huge margin for abuse & error with a system like this, especially if anyone using the add-on can see comments left by others. There's not much to stop someone from doctoring up a bad rep for people they don't like for one reason or another. Then again, it is just an's not like it will be mandatory.

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