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Menuet 1.1b1

Scott McNulty

Menuet 1.1b1 has been released and it sports a feature or two that are worth pointing out. Firstly, this version of Menuet incorporates, which is an online way for you to share what you're listening to with others, and gather statistics about your listening behavior.  The site also recommends music that you might like based on what you have listened to and what other who seem to share the same taste like.

The new Sleep Timer lets your 'set it and forget it.' Simply tell Menuet when you would like it to stop playing music and go about your business (perhaps trying to fall asleep). Menuet will then stop iTunes at the appointed time, ensuring that you will not be startled awake by Pink lamenting 'stupid girls.'

Menuet costs $12.95 for a single user, and $29.95 for a 4 pack.

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