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E3 on Xbox Live, Microsoft's ambitious plans to test network's limits


Peter Moore recently detailed Microsoft's plan to use the Xbox Live Marketplace to provide timely E3 coverage to Xbox 360 owners. According to Moore, Microsoft plans to upload "all the videos and the news as quickly as possible" onto the Marketplace, where potential millions will be waiting to download the content. This ambitious project will hurtle Microsoft's digital distribution service into uncharted waters. Will the Live network be able to handle millions of simultaneous downloads on top of the free Gold week? Moore remains confident, stating, "If we can get through Halo 2 ... then I think we can get through anything."

Moore says the goal is to "give you the flavor of what's going on, on the show floor..." Does that include the flavor of the West Hall? It's hard to imagine Microsoft tossing the other guys some free PR. Our advice, stick to a less biased source (like this one) for your E3 coverage — we kid, we kid.

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