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High definition affects Sony, Comcast quarterly reports


It's that time of year, as companies report their results for the first quarter, already we've seen two benefit from high definition. Comcast reported growth as a result of adding customers in phone video and high speed internet, as well as adding DVR's and high definition for existing digital cable customers.Sony beat expectations due to investments and gained marketshare in the flat screen TV market, but still had a loss over the quarter.

As the market of HDTV owners and interested buyers continues to grow, it will be interesting to see how it affects the various device and content providers' businesses. We'll probably keep an eye on the Time Warner blog to see if they have any updates.

[Note: I am a Comcast employee and stockholder. I don't own stock in Sony, but I did love my Betamax player in what some would consider an inappropriate fashion.]

[Oh yeah, and Time Warner owns AOL, who owns this blog, I think I'm disclaimered up now, but you never know, so watch for updates.]

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