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Obsessed with PSP? PSP Fanboy's hiring!

PSPFanboy is looking for a few good bloggers! Does Sony's sleek, svelte, sexy system make you want to write and tell the whole world about it? Does the mere thought of camera peripherals, GPS attachments, and homebrew minutiae make you weak in the knees? If so, you might have what it takes to join the PSPFanboy crew.

Still with us? Keep reading then...

We’re looking for:

  • Demonstrated passion for games
  • Solid writing ability
  • Ability to write under deadline
  • Prolificacy
We also require that you:
  • Possess a fast computer (a laptop is supergreat) and a fast, reliable Internet connection
  • Have the software and knowledge to create and manipulate photos and screenshots
  • Know (basic) blogger’s HTML
  • Are eligible to work, wherever you’re writing from
  • Are reachable (cell, multiple IM services, Skype, etc)

Here’s how to apply. Send an email including:

  • A subject line including your full name
  • Your city and state
  • Your email address
  • Your daytime and evening phone numbers (Skype or Gizmo Project are fine)
  • Your AOL IM and/or Yahoo IM addresses
  • The consoles you currently own
  • A cover letter telling us why you’re the right blogger for the job
  • A “sample” review of no more than 700 words on any PSP game
  • Two more writing samples of yours on the topic of games and in the style of a typical PSPFanboy post
  • Three links to posts on PSPFanboy that you feel best exemplify the sort of content we want here
  • Three suggestions for how to improve PSPFanboy
  • Your nomination for the best game of 2005, and why you chose that game.

We’ll only consider complete applications. After we’ve narrowed the field to half a dozen or so candidates, we’ll call each one to talk in more detail about the gig. Due to the expected volume of applications, we cannot respond to each and every application, but we do thank every applicant for considering joining the team.

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