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Unannounced JVC Everio G GZ-MG505 already winning awards

Marc Perton

We have to admit we did a double-take when we saw the JVC Everio G GZ-MG505 on the TIPA Awards web site. It's not that the video camera, with 3CCDs, a 30GB hard drive and 5 megapixel resolution doesn't sound sweet. It definitely does. Problem is, it doesn't seem to exist -- at least not yet. We can only assume that the team at TIPA got a glance at an early pre-production unit, and just liked it so much that they handed over the award on the spot. Regardless, merging the 3CCD imaging system found on the GZ-MC500 with the high-capacity hard drive found on some of JVC's 1CCD models seems like a no-brainer. But we won't be giving any awards until we're sure this thing is for real.

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