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Crossbow to be Windows Mobile 6.0?

Ryan Block, @ryan

Looks like "Crossbow" may not be AKU3 after all, at least if CIO's Microsoft Informer report is to be believed. They assert that "Crossbow" will be the Windows Mobile OS we see wedged in between what we have now with Windows Mobile 5.0, and whatever it is Photon will be in late 2007 / 2008 when it starts showing up -- so apparently we can think of Crossbow as WinMo 6.0. According to their report it will feature a new version of Office Communicator, and "strong links with Office 2007 and Exchange 12," which sounds status quo (i.e. boring -- granted, it is CIO who issued this). We'll get back at you when we have more info, so keep an eye out for Crossbow in the coming months, be it update or new OS version entirely.

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