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Samsung's Helix YX-M1 XM radio reviewed


By most traditional readings of our handy dandy Gregorian calendar, the Samsung Helix's supposed release date of April 25th has slipped by without a whole lot of Helix YX-M1 releasing. Luckily, CNET is around to appease your Helix appetite with a review. They seem to like the little XM radio, but a few drawbacks make it a bit harder to love. Just like it's nearly identical twin, the Pioneer Inno, Samsung's Helix has the looks, the size (a mere 0.6-inches thick), and the interface of a winner. Unlike the Inno, the Helix managed to do its recording duties without a hitch. Unfortunately, all these good times will be routinely cut short by the paltry 5 hours of battery life for XM radio and a mere 1GB of non-expandable music storage. Also, exchanging music with your PC can be a painful affair, with the XM-branded Napster transferring tunes at a sluggish rate, and the lack of ability to transfer your recorded XM tunes back to your PC. All the same, the player does offer up a fairly unmatched portable satellite radio experience, so if you've gotta have your fix, it looks like a Helix or an Inno should be on your wish list.

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