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Olympus m:robe MR-500i firmware cracked

Ryan Block, @ryan

If you're an owner of the late, ill-fated Olympus m:robe 500i, we're pleased to inform you that one rather obsessed fan known only as has successfully cracked the firmware of your dear late device, so as to, um, re-skin the player. Yeah, that's it. Anyone wanting to add codec support, turn this thing into a portable video player, or basically do something -- anything-- to make into something useful (no offense intended to the four who were really into "remixing" photos and music) will have to continue their silent vigil over the device as the hackers continue to have their way with it. Perhaps some day soon the m:robe will actually live up to its potential, though we're sorry we can't report that being today.

[Via, thanks Daniel]

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