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Buy $2,000 worth of stock photos, get a free iPod Hi-Fi

Scott McNulty

If you  have to buy alot of stock photos, and I know you do , you might want to check out Adobe's offerings. Why is that? Well, between now and July 17, 2006 if you spend $2000,  or more, you'll get a free iPod Hi-Fi.

You do need to have a valid license to one of these pieces of software: Adobe Creative Suite 2 software, Adobe Production Studio, GoLive® CS2, Illustrator® CS2, InDesign® CS2, Photoshop® CS2, After Effects® 7.0, Adobe Premiere® Pro 2.0, Adobe® Audition® 2.0, or Encore® DVD 2.0, however, chances are if you're using that many stock photos you have Photoshop.

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