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Hyon's VT-300 music player doubles as Bluetooth headset


If you're tired of all those phones trying to step on your music player's toes with included, yet clunky, MP3 functionality, fight back with Hyon's new VT-300 device that includes what is most likely clunky Bluetooth headset functionality along with regular music playback. Along with your usual music playback, voice recording, and FM functions, the VT-300 can manage most phone functions like receiving calls and text messages, or even dialing numbers from you phonebook using the color LCD display. It also sounds an alarm if it strays to far from your phone while its paired over Bluetooth, to prevent theft and to provide for awkward social situations. Sizes range from 128MB to 1GB, but there's no word on price or availability. We're guessing "cheap" and "Korea."

[Via Phoneyworld]

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