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JVC's EX-A10 with "sake-soaked" wood cone speakers


Mmmm sake, nectar of the gods; if it wasn't for our interns being constantly embalmed in the stuff we might have seen the merits of slathering it onto our speaker cones -- no, really. In an apparent moment of clarity, JVC has seen fit to do just that with their new compact EX-A10 "home theater" system with unique "sake-soaked" wood cone speakers. It seems that after 20 years of trying, it was a deep tub of sake which finally enabled JVC to press acoustically-rich birch into speaker cones without splitting the wood. Besides the organic goodness, this desktop mini-system features JVC's K2 and CC Convertor technologies found in their top-end AC receivers which are said to improve sound quality for both CDs and compressed MP3 and WMA files and of course, an AM/FM tuner and alarm clock like any self-respecting shelf-system should. Now, don't get too hung up with all that "home theater" talk. Sure, it plays DVD video (and audio) discs, but the EX-A10 only manages two-channel decoding of Dolby Digital and DTS surround sound signals. It does, however, offer analog and optical audio inputs and component, S-Video, and composite outs for TV hook-up. Available now for a gimmicky-rich $1000 bills.

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