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So called technology experts

Ben Drawbaugh

Keeping up with todays technology can be a full time job and one thing is for sure; no one can keep up with everything. That being said some of these so called Technology Experts should stick to what they know. One of my favorite Podcasts is This Week in Tech, I have been a fan of the guys since the TechTV days, but when it comes to HD it annoys me to hear them talk about most topics. Don't get me wrong they get it right 90% of the time, but the times when they don't I find myself yelling at the radio iPod.

On this week's episode the guys were talking about HD-DVD vs Blu-Ray, I know who isn't right? Anyways Robert Haron, their so called HDTV expert starts to talk about how he saw an add in a magazine stating that Blu-Ray was to be released in May and as we all know this has been pushed back to June. Leo even tried to give him an out suggesting that it might have been delayed since it went to press. As if that wasn't bad enough, later Leo asked if downloaded content would replace Blu-Ray and David Prager said he download HD via bit torrent and they were only 350MB! I kept waiting for Robert to correct him but it never happened!

Am I being overly critical or does it bother you when not even so called technology experts get it right?

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