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    Sonos ZP100 system reviewed

    Ryan Block, @ryan

    Looks like HomeTheaterView got themselves a hold of a couple of Sonos ZP100s and a controller and put the spurs to 'em to see how the system works and performs in a real home environment. We have a Sonos we're currently checking out (expect more on that soon), but HomeTheaterView found the devices to work admirably out of box with a clean, labor-free setup, and simple, intuitive interface, which we won't deny. The concept behind the Sonos isn't a terribly complicated one, so outside decent codec support, wireless range, and the aforementioned (setup and interface / use), there's not a lot else to look for in an in-home wireless audio distribution system. Fortunately the Sonos nails the codecs (outside not supporting PlaysForSure), but while the range wasn't mentioned, and they wished there were versions outfitted for in-wall installs and wetter environs like bathrooms, they seemed to find the system an excellent choice that fulfills a need otherwise unmet by the other out of box consumer home audio distribution systems on the market.

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