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Breakfast Topic: Shifting professions

Jennie Lees

Professions are an interesting sideline in WoW, and allow us to make money as well as some interesting items. However, there comes a point when the professions we've chosen become expensive and slow to level, and we face a decision: continue or change?

Changing profession isn't something to be done lightly -- you lose all acquired skill in your existing professions, as well as any recipes you've learnt. On the other hand, switching can have its benefits -- if you're not needed as a guild enchanter after all, you can save money by picking up gathering professions and loading the AH up daily. If you're bored of running around levelling a gathering profession, you can switch to a crafting profession, though you'll probably need some spare cash to make the change.

Have you ever changed professions? Did you regret it or have you not looked back since?

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