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Intel's Eduwise low-cost PC revealed


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The freaktastic, not-so-altruistic battle between Negroponte, AMD, VIA and Intel to bring low-cost PCs to developing nations just hotted-up with the formal unveiling of the Eduwise by Intel CEO Paul Otellini at the World Congress on Information Technology. The $400 device announced a few months ago in Brazil, sports "light-blue accents" and "snaps shut like a purse" -- perfect for students and teachers on a tight-budget with a sense of flair -- runs Windows or Linux, and ships pre-loaded with special software allowing students and teachers to interact through shared presentations and test administration over the Eduwise's built-in WiFi. The Eduwise will be available "next year" via the usual outlet of PC manufacturers who'll no doubt tweak this reference design a bit. Of course, Intel had to take the spotlight opp to blast a shot across the bow of the $100 OLPC with Otellini saying, "nobody wants to cross the digital divide using yesterday's technology." Yeah, nor should they have to harvest a kidney to avoid crossing the classroom for a little one-on-one, eh? Man, we haven't seen this much selfish generosity since Atlas shrugged.

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