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Luxury MVNO Voce gets going in LA


Ah yes, Voce. That priciest of all MVNOs is starting to get rolling in LA with an invitation-only trial capped at 500 people, with plans to add New York and San Francisco this fall. Right now they only have service based on Cingular's GSM network, and since Cingular doesn't fork over data usage to MVNOs, the Voce service is voice only. Though at these prices, they obviously figure you're too stupid to use cellular data. The service has a $1000 joining fee, plus a $400 monthly fee, which includes unlimited minutes, a free leather-clad RAZR or black Nokia 8810, and certain VIP privileges like a 24 hour personal assistant and travel perks. There's also an annual device upgrade included, which will probably feel quite welcome by the time it arrives with as old as those phones are already. Voce does plan to offer data in the future by partnering with a CDMA carrier, but for now this MVNO's offerings aren't only ridiculously pricey, but nearly non-functional for all but the most casual of phone users.

[Via Phone Scoop]

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