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Penalty for being the worst raid leader ever? 50 DKP MINUS! [update 1]

Vladimir Cole

In the NSFW video that follows, a raid leader flips out ninja-style as his team of 40 raiders fails to kill the dragon known to World of Warcraft players as Onyxia. For those who've never raided Onyxia, you need to know that this multi-phase fight is laden with traps and tricks, and usually takes hours upon hours of failed attempts before a group finally downs her for the first time. An experienced raid team can finish the encounter in 20 minutes.

The video that you're about to see captures the frustration of the Onyxia experience, showing just how emotional things can get when total party wipe follows total party wipe.

It also highlights the hilarity that results when people with very little management experience are given the opportunity to lead a large group of people. Some soar, some flop. Our protagonist in the following video flops like a pancake.

Click here to watch. Turn the sound down (or put on some headphones), because the raid leader loves to drop the F-bomb.

[Update 1: Fixed autoplay issue.]

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