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Romero: "modders are screwing up the industry"


John Romero recently took some time to post his thoughts about the Oblivion re-rating fiasco on his blog. Rather than scold the ESRB for taking into account the result of a mod, Romero has gone after the modders responsible for the 'topless hack.' The one-time co-founder of id Software issued some strong words about the modding community, stating on his blog, "modders are now screwing up the industry they're supposed to be helping."

Romero fears that developers will be forced to employ greater encryption methods to avoid re-rating incidents that hurt sales and reputations. In turn, greater security will close the door on open source game modding. Ongoing, public projects like CounterStrike will become history lessons. Seemingly harmless mods will become major lawsuits. Is the industry headed for dark days?

[Thanks, Justin; via GameDaily BIZ]

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